Asheville Luxury Homes

asheville real estateAsheville, NC is one of the lesser known hidden surprises in the real estate market.

Not only is it one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the country, but it’s a culturally relevant, progressive and small business centric city.

Sustainability is valued. Green building and energy efficient homes are priority.

And you can get unbelievable views on great properties in luxurious homes for not a whole lot of money comparatively speaking.

From log cabin homes to golf course communities, to gated mountain communities with epic views of the sunrise or sunset, there are homes and communities available for all walks of life.

One of the best, most knowledgeable and personable realtors in the entire Western North Carolina and Asheville region is Kathleen Blanchette.

Kathleen can evaluate your needs quickly and get you access to the listings that make sense for your family needs and budget.  Asheville Real Estate navigation and buying does not get any better when working with a professional like Kathleen.

Consider Asheville for a reasonably priced luxury home with all of the luxuries and beauty of mountain living. You won’t regret it!